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Gold coast Snapper
Gold coast fishing report
Gold coast fishing report. True blue fishing charters Gold coast fishing report, July 2017. Conditions on the water have been brilliant over the past month, with only a couple of days that were not fishable due to high winds and rough seas. The winter months see some pretty consistent fishing with excellent catches coming in. There has been plenty of Trag up to 65cm caught between 18-27 fathoms, best baits have been pilchards and fresh strip baits. Its simply a matter of...

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Gold coast fishing charter
How to choose a Gold coast fishing charter
How to Choose a Gold Coast Fishing Charter Knowing how to choose a gold coast fishing charter is important. The info below should help. Choosing the right fishing charter can mean the difference between a memorable day on the water and an uncomfortable, frustrating one, so it is important to put some time and research into picking a Gold coast fishing charter that will provide the best possible deep sea fishing experience for a reasonable price. Cheapest is not your best option. Operators that...

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Beach fishing Gold coast
Beach Fishing Gold Coast
Beach Fishing Gold Coast Beach fishing Gold coast can be very productive, the coast has approximately 40 kilometres of beach, stretching from the Tweed to Main beach. Witnessing a Beach rod double over as line peels from the spool is a sight all keen beach anglers dream of! After so many hours of tackle preparation and planning effort it’s often surreal when you finally get that blistering run. With damp shaking hands you pull the rod from the holder and sink the hook to feel the weight as a good fish loads...

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