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calm water fishing gold coast
Gold Coast Calm Water Fishing Charters
Gold Coast Calm Water Fishing Charters Are you just looking for a relaxing day out? Why not try out our Gold coast calm water fishing charters.  The Gold Coast is home to over 260 kilometres of navigable waterways creating a fisherman's paradise for those who prefer a calm water inshore fishing charter. The Gold Coast Broadwater stretches from Main beach right up to the southern end of Moreton bay. (Protected by North and South Stradbroke Island and the Southport Spit). It...

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Reef fish gold coast
Mixed Reef fish Gold Coast – Reef Fishing Tips and Techniques
Mixed reef fish Gold coast We have some great mixed reef fishing species in our local offshore waters. We seem to get a good blend of reef species off our coast. From southern species to northern species, our grounds are where their borders over lap. The most common mixed reef species are Snapper/ squire, Spangled emperor, Pearl perch, Maori cod, Venus tusk fish, Pig fish,  One spot sea perch, Gold spot Wrasse, Parrot fish, Teraglin, coronation trout, red throat, job...

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Gold coast fads GPS marks
FADS Gold coast – Fish Aggregating Devices – Offshore Fishing
Gold Coast Fads - Fish Aggregating Devices Fish aggregating devices (FADs) are man made structures that are anchored offshore in order to attract migratory fish. Usually in the form of a bouy attached to a rope or chain. These devices attract both bait fish and bigger pelagic species seeking food and shelter. Having schools of fish congregate around these fads makes them easier to find and catch, so you can enjoy a great fishing experience. Fisheries have deployed several fads off...

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Fishing Gifts
Fishing Gift certificates Gold coast
Gold coast fishing charter Gift certificates Fishing Gift Vouchers Do you have family and friends who live on the Gold coast, Tweed heads or Greater Brisbane metro areas, that your struggling to come up with a great Christmas gift idea for. Of course you don't want to buy them some dust collector, or something they will never use. True blue fishing charters have the answer. Purchase your loved ones the ultimate deep sea reef and game fishing charter experience. We have made...

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