Fishing Charters are a World of Discovery

Fishing Charters are a World of Discovery

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Discover Fishing off the Gold Coast

For the beginners and those that haven’t been out to sea fishing before our Fishing charters are a world of Discovery. There is so much to seediscovery fishing and even more to learn. Its not just about the fishing either.

A typical day begins with an early start. The best departure time is 6am, but for those that like to sleep in we offer an afternoon session too. The later trip starts at 11am. Once underway we head out past Wavebreak island and then out through the Gold coast Seaway. 

Whale watching Gold coastThose who choose to go on the early session will love the early morning sunrise. Its a breath taking time of day as the sun comes up over the horizon. We pass through the Seaway with Stradbroke Island to our north and the spit to the south. 
As the boat clears the end of the sea walls we hit the wide open waters of the pacific ocean. Its time to put the throttle down. Its a few mile run out to the local reef systems with a great view of the gold coasts towering skyscrapers. It feels great to be out on the water rather than stuck in the ever growing concrete jungle of Beach fishing baitsurfers paradise. The swell starts to build, and the wind blows through your hair as we power out into the wild blue yonder!

Wildlife Discovery on our Gold coast fishing charters

Dolphins, sharks, and giant turtles are regularly encountered on our charters, and for the bird lovers there is plenty to see too. Marine bird life includes Gulls, Terns, cormorants, Sea eagles and the mighty Albatross. Between June to November we are also lucky enoDiscovery fishing chartersugh to see the annual humpback whale migration too. A magnificent sight as these giant beasts travel north to give birth to their young.

The South east Queensland region boasts a large variety of pelagic surface swimming fish. Whilst bottom dwelling reef fish abound in our semi tropical waters. Species include Snapper, Pearl perch, Tusk fish, Mahi Mahi, Tailor, Teraglin, Jewfish, Marlin, Mackerel, Kingfish, Cobia, Sailfish, Tuna and many more. Hop on board one of our fantastic Gold coast fishing charters to enter a world of discovery today.


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