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Reef fishing charters Queensland
Reef and Game Fishing Charters Gold Coast, All You Need To Know.
With a show case of sun-drenched beaches, hinterland rainforests and a vibrant city night life, it’s easy to see why tourists from far and wide are attracted to Australia’s Gold Coast. In addition to that, the offshore fishing action here is nothing short of sensational! The deep offshore waters of the pacific ocean are home to both bottom dwelling reef dwellers and big game fish.  If you’re looking to get involved in some action packed deep sea fishing, the...

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mixed group charters
What to Expect on a Fishing Charter
What To Expect on a Deep Sea Fishing Charter If you've never been out on a gold coast deep sea fishing charter before, you may be wondering what to expect on the day.  For those of us that are "regulars" on the boats. Part of the allure of going fishing in the ocean versus calm water estuary or freshwater fishing is you never know what might turn up on the end of a line.   When you first get on the boat,...

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Wahoo fishing gold coast
Burley – How To Do It Right – Gold Coast Fishing
Catch More Fish Using Burley! The use of burley while out fishing is a great way to improve your catch. Burley can attract various fish species from far and wide, depending on the strength of the current.  Used correctly it be the difference between an average day or an awesome days fishing. There are numerous species that respond well to a good trail. With a decent unbroken trail, some fish such as Cobia and mackerel will swim right up to...

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Snapper fishing Gold coast
How To Catch Snapper – Gold Coast Snapper Fishing
Snapper Fishing Want to learn more about Snapper Fishing off the Gold coast. Author Ant Coughran explains how. Snapper/ squire. (Pagrus auratus) We have many different species of snapper in south east Queensland and Northern NSW waters. Pink snapper is the most common species of snapper in our region and is also known by many other names like squire, knobbies, snap/snaps and pinky or pinkies. Snapper can be commonly found on most coastal reefs, shale bottom, between reefs, on shallow reefs, ledges, rocks,...

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Reef fish gold coast
Mixed Reef fish Gold Coast – Reef Fishing Tips and Techniques
Mixed reef fish Gold coast We have some great mixed reef fishing species in our local offshore waters. We seem to get a good blend of reef species off our coast. From southern species to northern species, our grounds are where their borders over lap. The most common mixed reef species are Snapper/ squire, Spangled emperor, Pearl perch, Maori cod, Venus tusk fish, Pig fish,  One spot sea perch, Gold spot Wrasse, Parrot fish, Teraglin, coronation trout, red throat, job...

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Gold coast whiting fishing tips and techniques
Gold Coast Whiting Fishing
Whiting Fishing Gold Coast  ( Ghosts of the flats.) Gold coast whiting fishing Written by Anthony Cougran The SEQ and Far northern NSW have a many different species of whiting. These are the Most common in the Gold coast area: Goldenline whiting (Sillago analis) It’s name is taken from it’s rough scales. Found from northern NSW around the top end to Geraldton in WA. Has a size limit of 23cm and a bag of 30 in QLD and no size and a bag of 20...

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Mangrove jack Gold coast
Mangrove Jack – Fishing Gold Coast – Tips and Techniques
  ( Lutjanus Argentimaculatus) (Mangrove Jacks) (Red Dogs)    Mangrove jack Fishing Gold Coast Written by Anthony Cougran.   We are so lucky on the Gold coast. Fortunately we have one of the best Mangrove jack fisheries in Australia. We humans have extended their habitat and hunting grounds so much on the Gold coast, Tweed heads, Moreton bay and Sunshine coast that they now have an endless maze of waterways loaded with structure. Anglers are spoilt for choice on hunting grounds. Sure we don't...

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Gold coast game fishing
Gold Coast Game Fishing Report
Gold Coast Game Fishing Report January 2021 Marlin, Mahi mahi, Sailfish. Well the Gold coast game fishing bite is on fire. Local anglers who haven't heard about the red hot Black Marlin bite off the Gold coast must be at home hiding under their beds. Everybody is getting amongst the action. The current wet cycle of weather associated with the "La Nina" system has brought the fish down the coast in massive numbers. The Marlin bite began in late November but its become...

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Gold coast fads GPS marks
FADS Gold coast – Fish Aggregating Devices – Offshore Fishing
Gold Coast Fads - Fish Aggregating Devices Fish aggregating devices (FADs) are man made structures that are anchored offshore in order to attract migratory fish. Usually in the form of a bouy attached to a rope or chain. These devices attract both bait fish and bigger pelagic species seeking food and shelter. Having schools of fish congregate around these fads makes them easier to find and catch, so you can enjoy a great fishing experience. Fisheries have deployed several fads off...

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Effects of barotrauma
Barotrauma – Reef Fish – How to Release
Barotrauma in Reef Fish When a fish is hooked and wound up quickly from deep in the water column, the rapid change in  water pressure causes the gases in the fish’s body to expand. This results in a variety of injuries that can be fatal to most fish. This is what is commonly known as barotrauma. Which fish does barotrauma effect? Many reef fish species are susceptible to the effects of barotrauma. Mulloway, Venus Tuskfish and Teraglin in particular, are highly vulnerable....

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